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  • What is the difference between a Health Coach, Dietitian and Nutritional Counselors? "
    In a nutshell, degrees, legals and whether or not they are covered by insurance companies. Dietitians have strict guidelines they must follow, they can diagnose and work with disease management. Nutritional Counselors can prescribe specific diets but cannot diagnose. Health Coaches cannot diagnose or prescribe, but guide clients towards basic health goals of eating healthier for weight loss and encourages looking at the client's whole life health.
  • Can you get me off of my meds?
    No. But if you are working with a medical doctor or NP who prescribes for you, I can work with them to support you if that is what is agreed/encouraged by your health practitioner.
  • How can I pay for your services?
    Currently, I accept cash, check or Paypal for payment.
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