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I Offer

Innovative coaching methods, and practical lifestyle management techniques. Because I believe that "One Size Does NOT fit all"  and ascribe to exploring both Primary and Secondary food in an individual's life.

I am also available for consultations to create/offer workshops around Health and Wellness, Grief Issues and Spirituality. 

Zen Stones

Wondering if a Health Coach might be right for you? Contact me and I'll send you a simple form that we can go over during a free, 50 minute conversation. Get a feel and see if we would be a good fit. After all, this is YOUR journey and you are WORTH IT! 

Complimentary 50 Minute Health Conversation

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I Support

  • Women going through Menopause/Life Changes

  • Clients of all "gender" identities who are (or wish to be)

  • Recovery from addictions. I am available for hire as a Personal Recovery Coach. Because releasing an addiction (alcohol, drugs, and food are just some of them), is a Body, Mind and Spiritual experience, I can incorporate a Holistic Program of learning how to live a cleaner, healthier life.  

  • Those who may be experiencing Grief Issues over the loss of a Loved One, Divorce, Job/Career, or Home.  


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