Is Your Clean Home Killing You?

I have learned a life filled with real wellness, is not just removing toxins in our foods but it also has a lot to do with removing environmental toxins from our homes. Did you know that environmental toxins can - and do - cause you to can gain weight, develop auto-immune diseases, skin rashes, gut-health issues like IBS and SIBO, cause significant lung damage (as much as what a pack a day smoker ends up with) all because you are using poisons to clean your home? They are also destroying our ecosystems as well!


That is why I have partnered with the largest health and wellness company in the Pacific Northwest and highly recommend their cleaning products. They've been saving the environment, and people's health and wellness since 1985. Not only will your home become clean naturally, but your health and the health of others - including children and pets - will also be positively affected. Believe me, not only will your body thank you, so will your loved ones, home, and our fragile environment.

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